5 Essential Upgrades For Native Watercraft Titan

After a year of selling the Native Watercraft Titan, and putting hundreds of guys on the water with them, these are the top 5 things we found make for a better experience on the water.

1. Upgrade the Pedals! The ones that come stock are cheap, and start to squeak early on. I recommend these pedals. I took the pegs out of one side so I could use it bare foot and with a bootie.


2. The second must do upgrade is the Stop Gap Weed Guard. This week guard presses onto the drive itself and is made out of a heavy duty polymer so it wont fail, like so many of the 3D printed ones we’ve seen out there. We have them for sale in the shop and we would be happy to ship one out.

3. Boonedox Landing Gear: The #1 upgrade we suggest. Makes loading uploading, and transport to the water a breeze. They mount in minutes to the track without drilling any holes. Please note you need the Wide bar and track mount hardware in order to mount it to your yak. Hit us up if you have specific questions.

Landing Gear for Over sized kayaks

4. Boonedox Rudder upgrade: Adds stiffness, tracking, and durability. $75 and insanely easy to install. One screw, and your on your way.

Kayak Rudder

5. Burley Pro Titan steering upgrade kit: The single most important things you can do to enhance your steering, and beef up your system. The Boonedox rudder adds strain to the system, and this upgrades adds a ton of strength and security.


If you want us to put together a package and send it out to you, just give us a call and we can make an invoice for you over the phone, and ship it right out.

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