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So one of the most frequently asked question on our channel is which kayak I would recommend for someone looking to spend $500 or less. I honestly don’t sell many kayaks under $500 that are suitable for an average sided adult to fish from. Our Fishing Yaks all start at around $600 and go up from there. We focus our attention on being someones second kayak shop. We stock boats that are more feature rich, more specific for paddlers needs, and in general much better quality. With that said there are a lot of folks who just want to get off the bank and onto the water, so I wanted to take some time to educate myself on whats available in our local market, and then get them on the water to give you guys my honest feedback.

So this is part 1 of 2 and in a few weeks I will have had the time to get them all on the water and test each one. At that point I’ll share my honest review for each of them and score them on a 1-10 scale in these different areas.


So be sure to subscribe and follow along as we put these basic kayaks through their paces. I’m sure this video, and your comments will inspire a whole new series of fun video projects! Thanks for watching and Happy Paddlin!


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