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In what is to follow, we will provide you with a detailed comparison of Google Slides Vs PowerPoint to ultimately determine the best presentation platform. You Can Customize It By Adding Animations In The Microsoft PowerPoint or use in Google Slides. It’s also a good idea to check out their PowerPoint tutorial so you can get yourself familiar with the platform faster. Up next, you’ll see how Keynote’s features compare with PowerPoint’s. You can create your amazing presentation with Google Slides and can download the same and run on traditional PowerPoint software too. Here’s how to access your file on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Give every slide a title. Price factors aside, when it comes to online and offline accessibility, there is barely a desktop or mobile OS which might get jittery when running PowerPoint. This feature with Smart Ink and PowerPoint is very useful. For instance, Google Slides currently only supports YouTube videos, which leaves out many useful platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook and others. Collaboration, automatically saves to cloud. The ability to easily … Search free templates! Regarding the issue of price, an Office 365 subscription is cheaper than Netflix. science food nature technology school history christmas health medical sport. The Google Slides app will appear on your Home screen. While Google Slides has apps for Android, iOS and gives offline accessibility via Chrome OS and the Chrome browser, it has a long way to go in terms of providing cross-platform accessibility. The conversion process will begin immediately, and within a few seconds, you … What started as an imitation good and a platform which offered little in its early days has clearly become a viable alternative for PowerPoint and it’s getting better. In the past, you might have used the consumer version of Microsoft PowerPoint outside of work. Presentation materials created with Google’s “Google Slide” can be confirmed with Microsoft’s “PowerPoint”. But price and affordability isn’t all about buying the presentation app itself. Cross-platform compatibility is a major issue for many apps trying to make it big in the presentation business. You can’t use what you can’t buy (unless you’re stealing paid software). Don’t miss out on our best deals! All for free. This is especially helpful when you’re presenting your slideshow in person and you don’t want to be stuck fumbling through paper index cards. While Apple’s eye-catching templates are awesome, if you don’t find them appropriate for your presentations, you may only use a handful of simpler designs. The Best Websites for Google Slides, Prezi and PowerPoint Templates, Best Web Services for Sharing Presentations Online, How to Elevate your Pitch or Presentation? Yet it wasn’t until 2003 that Apple caught on to the presentation application bandwagon with its Keynote program. PowerPoint supports a larger range of file formats than Google Slides, making it a lot more useful if you want to include various files in your presentations. As for a clear winner, we think it’s a tie here. PowerPoint comes stocked with 19 pre-made templates. However, it offers very little for advanced users who may be looking to spice up their content with more complex charts, different font styles, use of readymade templates or when one needs to record, review or rehearse slides. Here are some things to help you use the Google Slides app: Step 1: Download the Google Slides app. As you might have guessed (provided you had the courage to go through my entire post), PowerPoint wins the presentation battle by a mile. Though I would like to admit that many end users unfortunately do resort to piracy but that’s a different story. Once you type in Keynote in the search box, you’ll see this screen: Click the ‘Get’ button (where the red arrows are pointing in the image) to start the download process. PowerPoint has been around for decades (it was launched in 1990) and have the lion’s share of the presentation software market Microsoft Office/PowerPoint currently has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as online accessibility options via browser using Office 365 and Office Online web apps. But how long a product has been around isn’t the only factor to consider. Not only are these apps not as nearly as powerful as the desktop edition but also lack the functionality to be really useful for an expert user. As we mentioned earlier, each presentation program has its own selection of templates to choose from. So before we get into the specifics of each presentation software, you should know a little bit more about the companies behind these products. But once you graduate or end your teaching career, you’ll be stuck paying for it like the rest of us. As Android devices get more powerful and widely used and Google Slides integrates more robust features, it would be worth watching out for this underrated presentation platform, as it might give PowerPoint a run for its money. Feedback from your side is highly recommended and it makes our hard work useful. Considering the Office Presentation Service is quite underused by presenters and third-party slide broadcasting web apps like Prezentt give better options for broadcasting slides; in terms of online collaboration, sharing options and presenting slides, we have a stalemate. Go to the menu at the top then click on File > Download As > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) Depending on your browser, you should be able to access your newly-converted PowerPoint file straight away. Learn all about the mixed reference Excel feature in this beginner's guide. Open In Google Slides Download In PowerPoint The following procedures describe how to make the slides in your PowerPoint presentations accessible. Google’s story starts much later than Microsoft’s and Apple’s. Do you agree with our assessment of Google Slides Vs PowerPoint? It is hard to imagine a presentation app which runs better on desktop operating systems than PowerPoint. Start learning for free with GoSkills courses. Intuitive to use: If you've already worked with SoftMaker Presentations or Microsoft PowerPoint, you'll pick up Presentations HD Basic in no time. This gives PowerPoint an edge in terms of presenting slides remotely. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: This meant you paid one fee to have the rights to use the program for as long as you kept your discs scratch-free. CloudConvert), you can still use such services without Google Slides. And a prime example is Prezi. There is no question about the winner here, PowerPoint wins by a mile. But price and affordability isn’t all about buying the presentation app itself. Compatibility with PowerPoint presentations; you can also save Slide presentations as PowerPoint files Ability to convert PowerPoint presentation to Slides and vice versa, Google Slides also allows you to present without having to be connected through wires. Something to ponder over for Google! Besides, many users are more likely to have a Google account rather than a Microsoft account nowadays, making it more likely that free users will opt for using Google Slides more readily, even if it is just to upload and view a PowerPoint file. Unfortunately, while Microsoft has a decent amount of templates to choose from, some of the themes are ultra-specific (I’m looking at you Classroom Timer deck). © 2020 GoSkills Ltd. Whether you need an editable template which can help you make custom variants of your business diagrams or want an animated template which comes with embedded video animations, PowerPoint has it all. Loved this? When she’s not writing for GoSkills, you’ll find her outside reading, soaking up the sun, or hiking her next adventure. Once in the Google Slides Screen, go to the File > Make a copy menu option, and you will be able to have a version of the template in your own drive folder. Unless you are a student affiliated with an educational institute with an Office 365 subscription, or you’re using the free version cloud based version of PowerPoint (PowerPoint Online), there are few legal means of using PowerPoint for free. Thank you Farshad for your comprehensive guide. Like PowerPoint’s online editions, you can choose to grant specific type of access to users when sharing your files (e.g. What you’ll learn to do: Create a presentation using Google Slides. You might consider me extremely cruel to start my comparison with price and affordability! When it comes to designing slides, Google Slides seems like a fairly easy presentation platform, with many features similar to PowerPoint. Export Google Slides to PowerPoint. The decision should be a little easier if you are a PC user too since Keynote is an Apple product and only available for Mac users. Sadly, the same cannot be said when it comes to its half-baked mobile apps for Android, iOS and its very own Surface tablets. But, if the annual fee tagging alongside Microsoft 365 is a little too high to justify, Google Slides and Keynote are not only affordable but also comparable in specs too. If you enjoyed today’s guide, check out this one on Microsoft Word vs Google Docs next. Google Presentation is much more compatible than Powerpoint. Google Slides is just as easy to use as PowerPoint and Keynote, plus, it also gives you the ability to collaborate from wherever you and your team members are in the world. It’s that easy. From there, you can start using PowerPoint. Crafting fluff-free content is Devan’s jam. If you know you don’t have the time to design your own slides, you should always check your options for pre-designed layouts first. In 1989, they released one of their first versions of Microsoft Office, a suite of applications designed to improve productivity. You can’t use what you can’t buy (unless you’re stealing paid software). As Microsoft has admitted that it failed to sell Surface tablets and the loathing for modern Windows OS has also been a touchy topic for Microsoft. However, for many people it is just that simple. 1. Needless to say, PowerPoint has a robust Slide Show mode for presenting presentations which can be further aided using third-party add-ins which an add functionalities like Live annotations. You can see the first few rows have designs with illustrations while the middle ones are more professional and geometric in style. Let’s take a look at the various file conversion options offered by both PowerPoint and Google Slides. You may know me from Github, where I’m also rachel-fenichel. In short, if you want to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides, the simplest method includes uploading the file to Google Docs, double-click on the file and open with Google Slides. to ultimately determine the best presentation platform. On top of features, the price is usually another area worth comparing and this head-to-head battle is no different. Google Slides Preview In order to edit the presentation in googleslides, you need to make a copy. Open the App Store. Why would anyone waste time explaining a complex concept when a simple YouTube video can explain everything in a simple 2-3 minute video. Needless to say, there are also other less used formats like EMF and WMF which PowerPoint supports. In other words, you can use MS Office apps like PowerPoint and make your files available online for use with Google’s apps like Google Slides. To export your Google Slide presentation as a PowerPoint file, click the Microsoft PowerPoint option on the Google Slides export submenu: Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint. Between Google Slides vs PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, it can be hard deciphering the differences between each one -- especially if you’re short on time. If you were going to hire someone new to your company, you’d check out their work history and experience. Let’s see how Apple’s templates compare now. Google Slides met vos idées en valeur grâce à de nombreux thèmes, des centaines de polices, des vidéos intégrées, des animations et bien d'autres contenus, le tout gratuitement. Now more then ever the world is connected but also disjointed. Over the years he has been associated with various technology blogs and is currently the Content Editor of PowerPoint also has a number of third-party template providers which offer free and paid templates. Once Keynote has been installed, you can move around in a similar way as you would with PowerPoint: Your slide overview is to the left while your dashboard for editing and making changes is on top: Google Slides has a similar dashboard to this one. Their versatility and modern designs are much more usable and streamlined for both casual and professional users. Not to mention Microsoft is yet to fix the issue of embedding YouTube videos in earlier versions like PowerPoint 2010. For some users, it’s all about the features. Let’s take a look at who wins when it comes to cross-platform compatibility. There are also a number of other considerations, such as what type of hardware can you afford, what devices you own and what options you get when switching between devices and software available at work and at home. Media:, Facebook It’s this exact trait our next presentation program also delivers on. Will Smart Ink be updated to run in a different mode with Google Slides as it does with Powerpoint? How many people shell out $$$ to Apple for more iCloud storage without batting an eye. While there are third-party extensions which can enhance Google Slides functionality, PowerPoint still has more fonts, animations, better templates, chart options and reviewing features than Google Slides. Farshad is a technology enthusiast and an IT professional from Pakistan. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Google Slides. Once in the Google Slides Screen, go to the File > Make a copy menu option, and you will be able to have a version of the template in your own drive folder. Google Slides has mostly always relied on internet browsers, particularly the Chrome browser with its various handy plugins. Overall: Google Slides is a great presentation-maker, with excellent collaborative tools, easy-to-use interface, super helpful integration with GSuite, it … Instagram. And finally, you can control your slideshow directly from your phone, iPad, or Apple watch. For many people, there’s nothing like an original and Microsoft PowerPoint is just that. If you need help learning how to use all these awesome programs, check out our PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Drive & Apps courses to pick up some insider tips and tricks! See your speaker notes as well as the current and upcoming slide in this view. This means you may not even use half the templates you’re given. This eventually turned into Google, the search engine powerhouse we know today. The goal and purpose for transferring over to a cloud system is usually in keeping the content of a PowerPoint project, as well as allowing multiple people access to the presentat… While PowerPoint might be leading the way for presenters for now, we all know how Android is edging out Windows based devices. Now that you have Google Slides, here are some tips to begin using it as your new presentation software. This is because PowerPoint comes bundled with other Office apps, which adds to the price tag, making it difficult to legally afford for many end users. Improve your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with this feature rich and easy to use app for Windows and Mac OS X. Presenter View, which lets you project your slideshow to a second screen.

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