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Solo Paddle on the Albion River here in Northern Ca. A classic destination for those paddling along the Mendocino Coast. This tidal river features several old relics of from the logging days, as well as several tiny floating houses leftover from the 70’s. The river has a majestic quality about it. The Redwoods hang over your head, while crabs and seals scurry about beneath you. The emerald green water is always in motion. Pushing up and then back out again taking the eelgrass along for the ride. If you get the time do yourself a favor and go paddle here! Be sure to check the tides and plan your trip around them. Launch one hour before the change so you can ride the tide up and then ride it back. If you get this wrong you can be in for a real slog back to the ramp. The coast breeze often blows in the afternoon making it challenging for wider slower kayaks. Again if you plan it around the tides you should be good to go!

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