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Sept 14, 2019 Parking Lot Sale – sales price list

Peddle Kayaks

Titan 12 Hidden Oak $2100

Jackson Coosa FD Battleship Demo $1799 new $2099

Jackson Bigfish FD Battleship Demo $1979 0r $2000 with boonedox rudder $2309 new

Slayer 13 blue lagoon demo $1800

Ocean camo dorado demo $1900



Nomads demo $350

Jackson Lisa Grey demo $950

Juntos Ice Cool demo $400

Moken 12.5 Blue Camo demo $500

BigFish 120 Urban $650

Liquid Logic Ventura Sunburst $400

Hurricane Sweetwater 126 Blue $800

Vibe SG 130 Galaxy (barely used) $799

Vibe SG 110 Hunter demo $699

Crescent UltraLite Citron demo $525

Vibe Yellowfin 120 Moss demo $550

Crescent Light Tackle Marsh (barely used) $750

Crescent Light Tackle Orange demo $675

Vibe Seaghost 130 2018 Smoke demo no rudder $600

Vibe Skipjack 90 Moss demo $250

Native Manta Ray XT Blue $550

Bonafide SS107 Woodsman $950

Lime camo Lure 10 demo $675

3Waters Roamer 1 $200

Hurricane Santee 126 demo $850

Hurricane Skimmer 116 demo $775

Hurricane Skimmer 128 demo $899

Feelfree Moken 10 standard demo $450

Vibe Yellowfin 100 demo $475

Vibe Skipjack 90 demo $300

Feelfree Move demo $300

Hurricane Sweetwater 126 $1099




Gemini  demo w/paddles $500

Corona  demo w/paddles $550

Jackson Big Tuna Battleship (blue) demo $1000

Jackson Big Tuna Wicked (green) $1075

Liquid Logic Marvel Tandem Sunburst demo $550

Liquid Logic Marvel Tandem Blue $650

Liquid Logic Marvel Tandem Blue $650

Native Stingray Tandem demo $699

Mad River Adventure 14 $450

Hurricane Santee 140T sit inside used once $999


Sit Inside

Hurricane Santee 126 Orange demo $750

Liquid Logic Marvel 12 Green demo $550

Hurricane Santee 120 Sport Red $950

Hurricane Santee 120 Sport Lime $950

Axis 12 Molten demo $725

Perception Joy Ride $479

Feelfree Aventura Orange demo $399

Jackson Tupelo $550

Eddyline Sitka ST demo $1399

Eddyline Rio demo $950

Edyyline Equinox demo $1250



Crescent $629

Glide Rental 10 $400

Glide rental 11 $500

Glide inflatable $500




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Comparison Review: Native Titan 10.5, 12, and 13.5 with Greg Blanchard

Greg Blanchard teams up us again for an on water comparison review of the full Native Watercraft Titan Range.


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For more information head over to
Or call us at (209) 224-8367



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Viewers Rigs: Custom Native Manta Ray 12 Propel

Viewers Rig of one of our more under rated kayaks. The Native Manta Ray is a super fast and smooth pedal yak designed for covering miles. It’s also much lighter than its Big Brother the Slayer 13 so its easy to load and unload. With modern features like the built in Transducer mount and through hatch wiring, the Manta Ray is one of the best values in the Native Watercraft Line. Check out Daves custom boat and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks for watching today. If you want to see more of our story subscribe to the page and go follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Thank for for joining us today

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Titan 10.5 Viewers Rig Walkthrough

Ryan Montoya came by the shop to get some work done on his Native Watercraft titan 10 five. Well we had in there we did a quick walk-through of some of the custom Rigging he did on his boat. Want to see more? Go heck out our Instagram and Facebook. We keep our stories up to date and post everything that’s going on at the shop. If you enjoy this sort of thing sure to subscribe to the channel like and subscribe


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Feelfree Lure 11.5 With Factor installed Overdrive: UNBOXING VIDEO

Want to order a Overdrive for your Feelfree Lure? Lets do it! We have a warehouse full of Retrofit kits in stock ready to ship. Call the shop and we can get one right out.

If you want a Preinstalled Feelfree Lure with Overdrive, we can help facilitate that through one of our Online partners to make sure your boat arrives in one piece.

Insta @headwaterskayak
Facebook Headwaterskayak
Twitter: Who knows I don’t use it haha.

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Customer Demo Native Titan 10.5 Vs Titan 12: What did he buy?

Mitchell came to the shop in the market for a new pedal drive kayak. He had done his research and narrowed his search down to the Native Watercraft Titan Series. He came in with the intention to look at them, but with a little effort, I was able to convince him to go hit the water with me and test the boats.

After a day of testing (and some tacos) he decided to pick up the brand new Native Titan 12. This decision was based on the fact that he mostly uses it on large open lakes where the wind can kick up, and the 12′ tracks a little nicer.

If you want to take your own test ride hit us up!

Headwaters Kayak in Lodi Ca 209-224-8367

Follow Along on our Instagram and Facebook @headwaterskayak


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Headwaters March Events Update. Lets Paddle!!!!

Thanks so much for watching! We’d love to have you join us on the water this spring. If your in the area and want to make reservations please check out the list of events below. Click them to sign up!

Spring Break Rental Sign ups:

Spring Break Wilderness Tour:

St Patricks Day Parking Lot SALE:

Wednesday Evening Tour:

Full Moon Paddle Sign ups:

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ONE MAN BASS BOAT: Custom Native Titan 13.5

On this weeks Viewers Rigs we take an in depth look at Dave’s Native Watercraft Titan 13.5. This thing was custom rigged by Headwaters Team Member Romel (The Wizard) Labrador. He started off with a custom made wiring harness to allow two Lithium batteries to power the fish finder, motor, and dual Power Pole. It also features a custom bow mount trolling motor bracket that allows Dave to operate his kayak just like a bass boat. It also features spot lock so he can lock in his position and hold even in strong wind and current. The pedal drive allows for ease of control in tight spaces, and stealth when coming upon a spot.

If you want to see more go check out our FAcebook and Instagram pages.

Insta @headwaterskayak
Facebook :

Share your adventures #headwaterskayak

Shop info.

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KBF Camanche Vlog + Nucanoe Flint On Water Review

Hanging out at the first Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament of 2018 at Lake Camanche. Nucanoe Headwaters and KBF all went in to donate a brand new Nucanoe Flint. We brought the winning boat and our demo flint up to give it some on water time.

Congrat to Abel Patino from our fishing team for taking the big win and over $1600 in prize money!

Well see you on the next one. Until then keep up with us over on Facebook for live videos and stories, and Instagram for photos and behind the scenes action of life around the shop.


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Viewers Rigs: Tournament Ready SeaGhost 130

At the last KBF Trail event I stopped and talked to local kayak angler John Skaggs about his tricked out SeaGhost 130. John bought this kayak from us over a year ago and has been fishing off it every weekend. It’s cool to see how he’s set it up for how he like to kayak fish. Want more specifics leave them in the comments below.

Vibe Seaghost 130 are available for sale at our shop $899 with paddle and rudder included. Making them one of the best entry level kayaks on the market. We always keep a wide range of colors in stock.

The little brother to the 130 is the Seaghost 110. It’s ideal for a little smaller paddler, or someone who wants more maneuverability in smaller waters. If your on the fence come demo boat and see which suits your needs the best.

More info can be found on our Vibe Webpage here:

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