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With fall also comes hunting season, and big game, turkey, and even big cat-hunting makes Grand County an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream. At least 59 mammal species have been documented on OSMP. This list of mammals of Colorado lists every wild mammal species seen in the U.S. state of Colorado, based on the list published by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Visit the Kawuneeche Visitor Center for more information on staying safe during this spectacular season! With over 60 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, and 11 species of fish, Colorado national parks are bursting with wildlife. Yes, I know…that deer really looks like she wants to take a carrot out of your … Then you’ve come to the right place. The best time to see elk is September and October when herds gather for the mating season, also known as “the rut.” Hear the bulls bugle in Rocky’s Kawuneeche Valley, Horseshoe Park, … When Grand County’s lakes ice over, the trout are still swimming so it's the perfect time for anglers grab an auger and a rod and head for frozen waters. On the highest mountain peaks the environmental conditions cannot support tree life. If you follow these guidelines you will help the wildlife to remain wild for many future generations to enjoy! "Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher" Wild animals that like to summer in the mountains come down in elevation because there’s still snowcover higher up. To find out the latest stomping grounds of bighorn sheep, elk and other local standouts, swing by the Winter Park Visitor Center or the Rocky Mountain National Park Kawuneeche Visitor Center in Grand Lake. Just drill a hole, drop a line, and enjoy the alpine scenery while you wait for the fish to start biting. The fastest of all animals in Colorado is the big-horn sheep. Take a scenic drive from Echo Lake near Idaho Springs on the 28-mile Mount Evans Scenic Byway and you’re… 5 Colorado animal cameras to keep you entertained when the world starts crushing in By Dan England , Special to The Denver Post Mar 12, 2019, 8:00 am 118 Shares The parent may reject the baby if it smells human odors on its young or in the nest.• Never feed or bait wildlife to lure them closer.Many people feed wildlife as a form of entertainment. Yes if you are associated with animal agriculture in any way whether it be commercial production or exhibition. Autumn is an active season for the area’s wild animals and a magnificent time to view them, too. Technically “black” is not a species and not the only color of Colorado’s black bear. All Rights Reserved. Twenty animal species are federally listed [[link to list]]. (161), Comments The lynx is a rare and elusive species that lives in areas with abundant snowshoe hares. The most recent national survey of wildlife-associated recreation reports that nearly $1.4 billion was spent by over 1.8 million participants in Colorado wildlife watching activities in 2006. Colorado National Monument. You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at … Mule deer are social animals that typically stay in groups. The area provides a haven for many species as precious habitat shrinks with increasing development of surrounding areas. Thanks. Each species has different tolerance levels for interaction with humans. And although the park is only about 75 miles from Denver’s airport, it may as well be on another planet, given the pristine nature of the habitats that are found within its borders. The beautifully illustrated folding guides highlight well over 300 familiar and unique species and include ecoregion maps featuring prominent wildlife-viewing areas and botanical sanctuaries. Eleven animals are rare and endemic to Colorado [[link to list]]. Oct 17, 2018 - Estes Park, Colorado is surrounded on all sides by federally protected wilderness, which means we see a ton of wild animals in and around town. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge was established in part to protect Bald eagle nesting and winter roosting habitat. This includes rarely seen mountain lions and black bears that roam more remote areas, and little critters like pikas, snowshoe hares and chipmunks that frolic around every pine and boulder. Rocky Mountain National Park is a US national park that is … Black Bears. The Rocky Mountains are the major mountain range in western North America, running from the far north of British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico in the southwestern United States, climbing from the Great Plains at or below 1,800 feet to peaks of over 14,000 feet. All in all, Winter Park boasts endless opportunities to see wildlife at its finest winter, spring, summer and fall (downtown Winter Park is just 45 minutes from the west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park). Pack your binoculars and be on the lookout for Clark's nutcrackers, gray jays and white-tailed ptarmigans, three birds hearty enough to call the town home all year round. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis) is a state animal of Colorado.Migratory Lark Bunting (Calamospiza melancorys Stejneger) is a state bird of Colorado.The Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly (Hypaurotis crysalus) is the official state insect.List of Threatened and Endangered Species, View Wildlife of The Colorado Rockies Image Gallery - 161 Images. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management.

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