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The Nile River has been of fantastic significance during the early Egypt period. If considered a river, it is the widest river in the world with a width of about 2,000 kilometers. Ob’Irtysh – 5568KM 6. The Amazon River has huge discharge basin which is 7,050,000 km long. a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek). The Amur or Heilong Jiang (as it is known in Chinese) is the tenth longest river and it flows through the nations of Russia, China, and Mongolia. It is the ninth largest river by discharge and the 15th longest river in the world. In this video, we are given the list of the top 10 longest rivers in the world 2020. (Last Updated On: February 25, 2020) What is the longest river in the world? Indus River; The Amazon; Thames; The Nile; My TELENOR test your skills 20 August 2020 Quiz Note: TODAY 💯 MB My Telenor Daily 5 questions you have select answers from giving 4 options on my Telenor. 7. MAP 1MAP 2GOOGLE MAPS OF NILE RIVER Nile River is the longest in the World shared by 11 countries namely Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DP Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South… Directed by Rene Michelle Aranda. Mississippi River start flowing from Lake Itasca in Northwestern Minnesota and it flows into the Gulf of Mexico in southern Louisiana at 2,340 miles. The source of the White Nile is not yet fully determined but is believed to be somewhere in Burundi or Rwanda. There are over 3000 species of fish (including piranhas) found in the waters of this river, along with the giant anacondas. From its farthest stream in Burundi, it extends 6,695 km (4,160 miles) in length. List of 15 Longest Rivers in the World | 2020. Here are the 5 longest rivers in the world in terms of its length, along with few interesting facts about them. The first human civilizations were all near a river as these provided humans with water. The river system drains 31 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. With the advent of technology, the water transport systems have developed and we no longer need to settle on the river banks. The two longest rivers in the world are the Nile, flowing into the Mediterranean, and the Amazon, flowing into the South Atlantic. Note: There is no standard way to measure the total length of a bridge. The length of the river is not always clear, even when detailed maps are available. Congo River – 4667KM 9. Some bridges are measured from the beginning of the entrance ramp to the end of the exit ramp. It is 4,880 Kilometers and 3,030 miles in length, Also known as Rio De la Plata, 8th longest river in the world. The Nile River is the longest river in the world which is about 7,088 km long. One of the most famous rivers in the world, located in Africa has been formed by two major tributaries, the Whit… Brahmaputra River is also a trans-boundary river like the Mekong river which flows through China, India, and Bangladesh. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Nile River flows 4,132 miles through 11 countries in northeastern Africa. Nile River (7,088 km)2. Registered Office: South Quay Building, 77 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH United Kingdom. Rivers have now become a lot more than just sources of water. Nile River Nile River HERE IS MAP OF NILE RIVER. The longest river according to Guinness World records is not the longest in the world. The Nile River is the longest river in the world which is about 7,088 km long. This Central American river is the second largest and runs through Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Guyana. We use cookies on this website. In 2009, a study published in the International Journal of Digital Earth showed that the Nile is much longer than the length it was previously measured, and if this length is taken into account, Nile remains the longest. The river system comprising of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Jefferson rivers, is regarded as the world’s fourth longest river system. More than 95% of the Egyptian population lives within a few miles of the banks of Nile. Longest Rivers in the World. Menu. The Amazon isn’t far behind, at 4,000 miles, and the Yangtze spans 3,915 miles. It is also the longest river to flow inside Russia. It is one of the major rivers of North-East Africa. And, interestingly, this river flows from the South to the North, unlike most Russian Rivers. The top 10 Longest rivers in the world are given in the table below. There are not any points along the river that can be intersected by a bridge. The pupils develop their locational knowledge of rivers and for an extension activity, the pupils can list the seas and oceans that each river flows into. The Nile is credited as the longest river in the world. The Amur river comes Russia and meets Argun to join the Pacific. Shiv kids education is covered here Top 10 longest rivers in the world in 2020 with picture. The longest river in the world The longest river in the world measure from its origin to the last point.But Measuring the length of any river is not an easy task because there are lots of factors that affect the length of the river. Meandering through ten states, the Nile begins in just two resources: the White Nile in Central Africa in Rwanda or Burundi (it is still unclear) and the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. Its main source is Lake Victoria in east central Africa. I’m going off of distance here, since winds can also have an impact on the duration of flights, and on top of that, some airlines do a … A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. Watch Queue Queue. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. The tributaries merge together in the Sudanese city of Khartoum and flow north into the Mediterranean Sea. The third longest river in the world is the Yangtze – or as it's known in China, the Chang Jiang River. Although it seems like it would be easy to measure, knowing the length of the world’s longest river is not as straightforward as one might expect. The length of the river is not always clear, even when detailed maps are available. In the winters, the river sometimes freezes and floods can be a result. The list of the longest rivers ends here and you can now decide which picturesque riverbank is the next in your visit list. Amazon- 6516KM 3. Yellow River (5,464 km)7. The length of Argun is about 1007 miles and the length if Amar is about 2,744 miles. Bright red towers mark either end, with an 8.8-meter-wide deck running between them. The Yellow River or the Huang He is a Chinese river that ends in the Bohai Sea. (You will need to register / login for access). What makes a Guinness World Records title? 1. The Yellow River or Huang He is the third longest river in Asia, after the Yangtze River and Yenisei River, and the sixth-longest river system in the world at the estimated length of 5,464 km. The World’s 15 Longest Flights As Of November 2020 I figured it would be fun to look at the world’s 15 longest flights, given how much the list has changed lately. How to set or break a Guinness World Records title. The Nile river is the longest where as the Amazon is the largest river of the world. Happy Reading and Discovering some facts about the longest water bodies in the world. Brahmaputra (3,848 km), Are you a writer? Measuring some of the longest rivers in the world can be a complicated company and also as a result the size dimensions of several rivers are only approximations. Yangtze River (6,418 km)4. This major part of this river flows through Russia (97%) and the remaining through Mongolia (2.9%). River is a natural stream of fresh water that has a current and moved towards another body of water such as an ocean, lake or another river, rivers can be of different sizes. The Blue and the White Nile are the two tributaries of the river with the latter having a greater length than the former. Mississippi-Missouri (6,275 km)5. Synonyms: Yenisei, Yenisei River, Yenisey Example of:river. In truth, there has actually even been some argument throughout the years as to whether the Amazon or the Nile is the world’s longest river. The origin of this river is Thutade Lake, in the Northern Interior of British Columbia. Mekong is a river in Asia which originates at Lasagongma Spring and covers different countries like Myanmar, China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Ob-Irtysh The Yangtze is 6,380 kilometers (3,964 miles) in length, making it the longest river in Asia. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. Amazon River: Second Largest River: – The Amazon River is the world second longest river in South America with a length of 6400 Kilometer. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Not everyone agrees on what is the source of every river, and others disagree on how to measure the mouth on the other end. This river is called “Beige” by the Chinese, which means the black river. It is by far the most of the largest river by water flow with a norm discharge more significant than the next seven largest rivers are combined. Its main source is Lake Victoria in east central Africa. Congo River (4,700 km) 10. Also, the river has breathtaking views and floods annually, like many other Russian Rivers. This River also has the world’s fourth largest drainage basin, which covers more than 3,220,000 square kilometers. Are you interested in seeing the world, and being paid to do it? By comparison, the Mississippi is only 2,340 miles long. Did You Know? This river is a great source of hydroelectric power. Irtysh – … Find our more, About Us   |   Write for US   |   Terms of use   |   Privacy Policy   |   Blog   |   Contact us. these factors are weather, flooding, dams, channelization, etc. The Chang Jiang or rather the Yangzi Jiang spans a length of 6,300 kilometer’s, has a basin length of up to 1,800,000km2 and originates from the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and drains the eastern part of China shanghai. Nile - The Nile takes the crown for the world’s longest river. This water body may be considered a river, an estuary, a gulf or a marginal sea. The Three Gorges Dam on the river is the biggest hydroelectric dam in the world. This Russian River is the eleventh in the list, and it outflows into the Laptev Sea. To shatter ice, explosives are used and icebreaker boats are also used to keep the shipping lanes open. From its farthest stream in Burundi, it extends 6,695 km (4,160 miles) in length. Mackenzie (4,241 km)14. This river origins from Guinea Highlands and passes through Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria. January 19, 2020 Theafricanshaper 1 Comment. Niger (4,200 km)15. It is the twelfth longest river in the world and the seventh longest in Asia with an estimated length of 4,350 km. © 2019 Triponzy | Part of Techlomedia Internet Pvt Ltd. Along with salmon and Sturgeon, there are about 140 different types of fish found in the waters of Amur, which is more than any Russian River. It is also home to wonderful wildlife, and the cause of the annual two-week holiday in Egypt called the ‘Wafaa an-Nil’. Telenor Answer all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 100 MB And enter into a Telenor lucky draw. It is a straightforward question, with a slightly complex answer. And the Nile is special by a number of other measures: It flows northward up Africa to the Mediterranean, an unusual direction for a river, and recent research estimates it’s at least 30 million years old. Yenisey Angara, selenga – 5550KM 7. The river has a length of 6,650 km which makes it the longest river in the world. A. Updated May 11, 2020 This following is a list of the 10 longest rivers in the world, according to the Times Atlas of the World. The phrase largest river is actually pretty subjective; it could mean the longest river, which could be the Amazon River or the Nile River. It is also one of the busiest inland rivers in the world where ships transport goods such as coal. The water does not enter the river’s through the glaciers but through the monsoon. This river is home to almost fifty kinds of fish. July 24, 2020 No Comments. The Amazon begins with snowbound lakes and brooks-the actual source has been named Laguna McIntyre-which converge to form the Apurimac. This river houses important cities such as Shanghai, Chongqing and Nanjing. Yangtze( Chang Jiang) – 6380KM 4. Rivers have now become a lot more than just sources of water. It is also known as River Plate or La Plata River. This river flows through China into the East China Sea. The first human civilizations were all near a river as these provided humans with water. Only 111 miles apart, the Nile River in Africa is the longest river in the world in comparison to its runner-up, the Amazon River, located in South America. It houses various animal, fish and plant species, some of which, including the Chinese Alligator, the Finless Porpoise and the Chinese Paddlefish are endangered.

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