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Save the “floater” acorns for further investigation. When the first leaves (seed leaves) of the acorn are fully expanded, plant the oak seedling into a small pot (make sure it has drainage holes). The step-by-step instruction is, "I was heartbroken when our 100-year-old red oak fell in August. An untrained observer visually inspected acorns (visual test) to assign viability subjectively and then float‐tested the respective acorn. I potted it, and it's around 3-4 inches tall; any tips? [1] X Research source Choose acorns that are free of worms, holes, and fungus. This is done by placing the acorns in a bucket of water. Place the container/bag in the refrigerator. Pinholes may indicate insect activity inside. This primes the seed for sprouting in the spring. My grandson and I are growing an oak tree that he can watch, "This article was very helpful. By using our site, you agree to our. Yes, the cap should be removed for the float test, but it isn't always necessary. After planting an acorn and it sprouts, when should I cut it off? Can I leave the acorn in the refrigerator for longer than a month and a half? The soil should be slightly moist but not damp. was very helpful, as I had not realized the dangers of aphids &, "Everything helped me and I've trying to grow a tree but I'm very excited to try. Soft, mushy acorns are rotten. Place the acorns in water for at least an hour. We are looking forward to growing our trees. This article was fantastic, with simple, clear, "I throw away thousands of collected acorns every year from my land. Learn Select the largest acorns from those that sank for planting. They are showing, "Planning to plant some acorns of our white oak to replace two that were cut down by builders near our lot. ", sprouting acorns and am hoping for the same success. The larger acorns have more vigorous seedling growth. Lauren has worked for Aurora, Colorado managing the Water-Wise Garden at Aurora Municipal Center for the Water Conservation Department. Plant the acorns in the soil at a depth of three times their size. Prepare a planting container for each sawtooth oak acorn. Put them in water. This question was satisfactorily addressed in this article. Allow the seeds to soak for at least 12 hours. Branches will come later, don't worry. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. The Grow Green Project Sept 2010 Page 1 A Guide to Growing your Own Oak Trees Part 3: Planting Acorns Overview: Students plant acorns and learn about the parts of a seed. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Visually inspect the acorns for holes. Select the largest acorns from those that sank for planting. ", "Float test, depth to plant helped most.". Early planting maximizes root development before the arrival of dry weather, and also reduces the risk associated with premature germination. If they remain floating on top of the water, they are hollow and will not produce a seedling. ", "Very helpful. Make sure you remember to water the sapling and not neglect it or it'll wither. Do a float test. Handle your seedlings with care - the emerging roots are easily damaged. This article has been viewed 1,521,444 times. Too dry, and they may not grow. For the initial germination test, about 500 acorns were placed into a 5-mil plastic bag and given a 45-day moist stratification period at +2°C beginning December 23, 1993. Growing an oak tree indoors allows you to give the acorn all your attention, providing it the best chance to succeed. If you would like your oak tree to eventually provide shade for your home, plant it to the west or southwest of your home to maximize the shading effect it will have in the summer, while minimizing its shade in the winter. Yes, but keep an eye on them for the roots. I have just planted up 15, "This article acknowledges differing viewpoints, is clear, and well-illustrated. Make sure there will be plenty of space and sunlight for it to grow into a mature tree. I know you could shape them, but not top them. This article received 27 testimonials and 93% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Periodically check on your acorns. Insect damaged and dehydrated acorns typically have some air space inside the shell and tend to float. Drain off the water and plant the “sinker” acorns in containers or directly outdoors. The acorn “sink & float” test can be an easy way to sort a large quantity of acorns quickly. Soak the acorns overnight to determine which are viable. Morina et al. healthy acorns will sink to the bottom, unhealthy ones will float. Even small oak trees lose their leaves in the fall season (autumn), so don't be discouraged if all the leaves turn brown or fall off. Lawns or paved areas make great collection sites because acorns are easy to spot and harvest. ", instructions and diagrams. ", "Good information, especially on protecting trees. Collect acorns in early autumn. Collect the acorns from the ground in the autumn, following the first strong wind. Hand sorting is preferred for acorns that will be stored in the refrigerator for several months. It’s hard to imagine that a mighty oak tree can come from a tiny acorn, but with enough patience, you can grow one yourself! If they float, discard. healthy acorns will sink to the bottom, unhealthy ones will float.

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