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Spyderco Paramilitary 2, 3.4" Black S30V Blade, Black G10 Handle - C81GPBK2. Affiliate Earnings Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fee by advertising and linking to One day I came across the PM2, everbody is talking about it, every one is buying one, I didn’t know what’s so great. The overall length of the handle is 4.8 inches. Dealers from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 or Upcoming. Whatever they did with the Native will make the Siren a true Salt. There is nice jimping on the end (spine) of the knife which provides grip on the blade. CPM S45VN steel is a relatively unknown and new type of steel. Among the hundreds of knives in my EDC collection, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is my one of the favourite knives. Spyderco *SPRINT RUN* Paramilitary 2 CPM S45VN , Forest Green G10. or Best Offer +$6.95 shipping. Model # SP-C36GPE . 24% off Spyderco Ambitious, 2.25" Blade, Black G-10 Handle - C148GP. Mainly because of the customer service and warranty. Spyderco. Also, you get to pick if you want a satin finish or a diamond like carbon coating for your blade. Now, it won’t necessarily be considered as a con/disadvantage, but it eventually reduces down the chance of an accident. 20 Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Folding Knife with 3.42" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C81GP2 4.8 out of 5 stars 619 $169.99 Regular price $236.00. Spyderco Para 3 and Paramilitary 2 CPM S45VN steel Sprint Run. Pros: Comfortable Ergonomics, Excellent Blade, and Good Deployment System. Like other Spyderco knives, it has a hole on the blade with company’s logo which makes it look even more appealing. This knife is a larger knife that is made in the USA. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Shop our complete collection of PM2 models and accessories below. The Spyderco Para Military 2 is one of the most popular knives on the market today, and it makes total sense. Second owner, purchased because I wanted to use it but couldn't bring myself to do it. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is just an outstanding knife. Spyderco C223GPFGR PARA 3 - 2.95" FFG CPM-S45VN Blade - Forest Green G-10 Handle - SPRINT RUN - SOLD OUT ... Spyderco. Since its release, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has been one of our best selling Spyderco knives. The size of the knife is 8.28 inches which could be considered around 1 inch longer than normal EDC knives, but if you’re a big size or medium size guy, then it shouldn’t be a big deal. Bought this on here and have decided I just am not a huge Spyderco fan. If you poll a group of people who routinely purchase $100-500+ knives, odds are very good that a Paramilitary 2 is a serious part of their EDC rotation. One of the newest sprint runs for 2020 is the Para 3 and Paramilitary 2 with S45VN steel, and forest green G10 handle enhanced with a diamond pattern. Para Military™ 2 Tan G-10 CPM® 20CV Black Blade Exclusive. It has a belly and a super sharp tip. I’m looking forward to the Siren but wonder what Steel the back lock is comprised of. I will share both the pros and cons and my personal thoughts on the knife itself. The blade measures about 3.4 inches in length with a cutting edge of just over 3 inches. MODIFIED Spyderco Para Military 2 - Red Digital Camo - DLC Blade - Rit Dyed Handle ***These knives have been modified by the KnivesPlus Team. The centering on the Paramilitary-2 is, as is usual with Spydercos, dead on center. Spyderco is always pushing the envelope to please even the most critical steel aficionado in the marketplace. Take the next step in your journey grasshopper. Para Military™ 2 Tan G-10 CPM® 20CV Exclusive ... RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF ... state and local laws or regulations. It’s a sturdy knife with a hard & razor-sharp blade along with the comfortable G-10 handle. $47.99 Regular price $63.00. ​The blade is exclusively made is U.S.A which makes it more reliable. The first product Spyderco Knives Canada. You might want to clean and oil your PM2. Why all the rage, just relax, I am a PM2 fan and user as well, but everyone has different opinion on different thing we are not made the same anyway, it is completely ok if someone point out any issue that they find it unfavourable or point out anything that might still have space for improvement. I’ll purchase other models. Hopefully I do this knife justice, considering it’s reputation. blade, steel, handle, ergonomics, lockup, and deployment system, Best Hunting Knives of 2020 (Buying Guide! The blade is made of S30v stainless steel which is really excellent stuff at such an affordable price along with all-durable & comfortable G-10 handle. ​Spyderco Paramilitary is made of G-10 material. Model # SP-C81GPFGR2 . Find great deals on eBay for spyderco paramilitary 2 and spyderco paramilitary 3. I’m not sure but I’m not worried about it. October 3, 2020. The S30V blade material is more refined, will last longer, heck, sharper edge as compared to other knives. Spyderco Paramilitary’s blade (CPM-S30V Stainless) is an excellent steel. This is my experience with the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 after using it extensively for 4 years. Spyderco Delica 4 Sprint Glow-In-The-Dark FRN C11FPGITD . G-10 handle is one of the finest handles. I’ve been collecting folding knives for a decade now. Hey guys, we got a big one here today. You don’t have to! I hope my article will help you. You can also check our Spyderco Para 3 Review. ... Spyderco Paramilitary 2 S45VN Diamond Arc Textured G10 C81GPFGR2 Sprint Run NEW. Spyderco Camo Paramilitary 2 - Rating this as a “C” rating due to scratches on the blade and aftermarket pocket clip. Blade & General Dimensions of Spyderco Paramilitary. In 2010 Spyderco redesigned the original Para Military, and in doing so, created the Para Military 2. Home » Catalog » Para Military 2 CPM S45VN Sprint Run ... RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, ... ownership, transportation, or use of the item in violation of applicable federal, state and local laws or regulations. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Spyderco *SPRINT RUN* Paramilitary 2 CPM S45VN , Forest Green G10. Shop with confidence. Either you got one that needs adjusted (I’ve owned 2, both came perfect), or you you have a clone, I’ve been interested in knife for a long time. - Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Sprint Run C81GPFGR2 Folding Knife, Satin 3.437" Plain Edge CPM-S45VN Blade, Diamond Arc™ Forest Green G-10 Handle $225.00 $157.50 Compare August 31, 2020 by Jon Alex. The hole on the blade could be a concern for a few people, but I personally love it and it becomes easy to open the blade using that hole. I believe that those parts on the Siren will be made out of whatever they use on the Native Salt and it has proven itself (in my use) to be every bit as corrosion proof as the Seki models. That may make someone who can do this a “knife expert” by your standards, but it really is that easy. We are looking at the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. The length of the blade is 3.44 inches & thickness of the blade is 0.15. Spyderco C81GPFGR2 PARA MILITARY 2 - 3.47" FFG CPM-S45VN Blade - Forest Green G-10 Handle - SPRINT RUN - SOLD OUT. 12 product ratings - Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Knife G-10 C81GPBK2 Black S30V Plain Edge Blade - Dealer. The curves on the handle provide superior control and prevent slippage. Sold Out CPM® S45VN is a martensitic stainless steel specifically created to transcend its predecessors. Some of our modifications include acid washing, anodizing, regrinding, and customizing backspacers. I’m a Benchmade fan but clearly appreciate the Spyderco design. ), Shaman CPM-REX45 Rosewood Dymondwood C229RWDP, Tenacious Lightweight 8Cr13MoV PlainEdge Satin Blade Black FRN C122PBK (China) - JAN 2020, Tenacious Lightweight 8Cr13MoV CombinationEdge Satin Blade Black FRN C122PSBK (China) - JAN 2020, Tenacious Lightweight 8Cr13MoV SpyderEdge Satin Blade Black FRN C122SBK (China) - JAN 2020, Counter Puppy 7Cr17 PlainEdge Blue Plastic K20PBL (China) - JAN 2020, Counter Puppy 7Cr17 PlainEdge Purple Plastic K20PPR (China) - JAN 2020, Counter Puppy 7Cr17 SpyderEdge Blue Plastic K20SBL (China) - JAN 2020, Counter Puppy 7Cr17 SpyderEdge Purple Plastic K20SPR (China) - JAN 2020, Shaman CPM-CRU-WEAR Black DLC Blade Smooth Forest Green G-10 C229GPFGBK, Yojimbo2 CPM-S30V Black DLC Blade Black G-10 C85GPBBK2 (USA) - FEB 2020, Tenacious Lightweight 8Cr13MoV PlainEdge Black Blade Black FRN C122PBBK (China) - FEB 2020, Tenacious Lightweight 8Cr13MoV CombinationEdge Black Blade Black FRN C122PSBBK (China) - FEB 2020, Tenacious Lightweight 8Cr13MoV SpyderEdge Black Blade Black FRN C122SBBK (China) - FEB 2020, Shaman CPM-M4 Black DLC Blade Natural G-10 C229GM4PBK, Para3 Lightweight CTS-BD1N SpyderEdge Black DLC Blade Black FRN C223SBBK (USA) - FEB 2020, Pacific Salt2 H-1 PlainEdge Black FRN C91PBK2 (Japan) - FEB 2020, Delica4 HAP40/SUS410 Orange/Black ZOME FRN C11ZFPOR, Manix2 CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange G-10 C101GPBORE2, Pacific Salt2 H-1 SpyderEdge Black FRN C91SBK2 (Japan) - MAR 2020, Pacific Salt2 H-1 Black Blade PlainEdge Black FRN C91PBBK2 (Japan) - MAR 2020, Pacific Salt2 H-1 Black Blade SpyderEdge Black FRN C91SBBK2 (Japan) - MAR 2020, Para3 CPM-REX45 Orange & Olive Drab (OD) Green G-10 C223GPOROD, Native5 CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange G-10 C41GPBORE, Para3 Lightweight CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange FRN C223PBORE, ParaMilitary2 CPM-10V Black DLC Blade Coyote Brown G-10 C81GPCBBK2, ParaMilitary2 CPM-10V Satin Blade Coyote Brown G-10 C81GPCB2, Para3 CPM-REX45 Orange & Blue G-10 C223GPORBL, Native5 Lightweight CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange FRN C41PBORE, LadyBug3 Lightweight K390 Blue FRN LFP3K390 (Japan) - APR 2020, Siren LC200N Black G-10 C247GP (USA) - APR 2020, Manix2 CPM-4V Black DLC Blade Red G-10 C101GPRDBK2, Watu CPM-20CV CF/G-10 Laminate C251CFP (Taiwan) - APR 2020, Para3 CTS-204P Forest Green G-10 C223GPGR, ParaMilitary2 CPM-S45VN Forest Green G-10 (Diamond Arc Pattern) C81GPFGR2, ParaMilitary2 CPM-4V Black DLC Blade Red G-10 C81GPRDBK2, Delica4 VG-10 Black ZOME Glow-in-the-Dark FRN C11ZFPGITD, Endura4 VG-10 Black ZOME Glow-in-the-Dark FRN C10ZFPGITD, Manix2 Lightweight CPM-S90V Black DLC Blade Orange FRCP C101PORBK2, ParaMilitary2 Emerson Opener CPM-S30V Black G-10 C81GPW2, Endela Emerson Opener VG-10 Black FRN C243PGYW (Japan) - MAY 2020, Pacific Salt2 PlainEdge H-1 Yellow FRN C91PYL2 (Japan) - MAY 2020, Pacific Salt2 SpyderEdge H-1 Yellow FRN C91SYL2 (Japan) - MAY 2020, Canis CPM-S30V Carbon Fiber/G-10 Laminate C248CFP (Taiwan) - MAY 2020, Lil' Native CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange G-10 C230GPBORE, Delica4 VG-10 Black TiCN Blade Black Zome Glow-in-the-Dark FRN C11ZFPGITDBK, Manix2 XL CPM-M4 Satin Blade Natural G-10 C95GM4P2, Manix2 XL CPM-M4 Black DLC Blade Natural G-10 C95GM4PBK2, Para3 Lightweight CPM-SPY27 Cobalt Blue FRN C223PCBL (USA) - JUN 2020, Shaman CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange G-10 C229GPBORE, Bombshell CPM-20CV OD Green G-10 C250GTIP, ParaMilitary2 Emerson Opener CPM-S30V Black DLC Blade Black G-10 C81GPWBK2, SwayBack CTS-XHP Titanium C249TIP (Taiwan) - JUN 2020, ParaMilitary2 CPM-REX45 Solid Copper C81CUP2, YoJumbo CPM-S30V Black G-10 C253GP (USA) - JUL 2020, Endura4 VG-10 Black TiCN Blade Black Zome Glow-in-the-Dark FRN C10ZFPGITDBK, Autonomy2 CPM-S30V Textured Carbon Fiber C165CFP2, Para3 CPM-S45VN Forest Green G-10 (Diamond Arc Pattern) C223GPFGR, ParaMilitary2 Tanto Black DLC CPM-S30V Blade Black G-10 C81GPTBK2, Native5 Lightweight CPM-4V Black DLC Blade Red FRN C41PRDBK5, ParaMilitary2 CPM-CRUWEAR Black DLC Blade Purple G-10 C81GPPRBK2, SpyOpera M390 Brown Canvas Micarta C255CMP (Italy) - AUG 2020, Astute 8Cr13MoV Black G-10 C252GP (China) - AUG 2020, Chaparral Sun & Moon CTS-XHP White G-10 (Red G-10 Inlay) & Black G-10 (Mother-of-Pearl Inlay) C152GSMP (Taiwan) - AUG 2020, ParaMilitary2 CTS-204P Flat Dark Earth (FDE) PVD Blade Olive Drab (OD) Green G-10 C81GPODFDE2, Manix2 Lightweight CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange FRCP C101PBORE2, Delica4 Lightweight K390 Blue FRN C11FPK390 (Japan) - AUG 2020, Native5 CPM-4V Black DLC Blade Red G-10 C41GPRD4VBK5, Nightstick CPM-S30V Black G-10 Boltaron Sheath FB47GP (Taiwan) - SEP 2020, Manbug Lightweight K390 Blue FRN MFPK390 (Japan) - SEP 2020, Dragonfly2 Lightweight K390 Blue FRN C28FP2K390 (Japan) - SEP 2020, Delica4 CPM-CRU-WEAR Black TiCn Blade OD Green FRN C11FPCWODBK, SpydieChef LC200N Blue Anodized Titanium C211TIPBL, LadyBug3 VG-10 Glow-In-The-Dark FRN LPGITD3, Delica4 CTS-204P Forest Green FRN C11FPDGR, RockJumper VG-10 PlainEdge Black FRN C254PBK (Japan) - SEP 2020, RockJumper VG-10 SpyderEdge Black FRN C254SBK (Japan) - SEP 2020, Native5 Lightweight CPM-S90V Teal FRN C41PTBL5, Bug 3Cr13 Black Oxide Stainless Black Oxide C133BKP (China) - SEP 2020, HoneyBee 3Cr13 Black Oxide Stainless Black Oxide C137BKP (China) - SEP 2020, Autonomy2 LC200N Black DLC Blade PlainEdge Black G-10 C165GPBBK2 (USA), Autonomy2 LC200N Black DLC Blade CombinationEdge Black G-10 C165GPSBBK2 (USA), Autonomy2 LC200N Black DLC Blade SpyderEdge Black G-10 C165GSBBK2 (USA), Lil’ Native CPM-S90V Carbon Fiber C230CF90VP, Manix2 Lightweight CPM-SPY27 Cobalt Blue FRCP C101PCBL2 (USA), Native5 Lightweight CPM-SPY27 Cobalt Blue FRN C41PCBL5 (USA), Native Chief CPM-REX45 Burnt Orange G-10 C244GPBORE, Native Chief CPM-S90V Carbon Fiber C244CF90VP, ParaMilitary2 CPM-SPY27 Colorado Flag G-10 C81GPCOFL2, Shaman Z-Wear PM Brown Canvas Micarta C229MPZW, SmallFly2 CPM-S30V Black G-10 B02GP2 (USA), Swick5 Large PlainEdge LC200N Black G-10 Boltaron Sheath FB14P5 (USA), Swick5 Large SpyderEdge LC200N Black G-10 Boltaron Sheath FB14S5 (USA), Swick6 Small PlainEdge LC200N Black G-10 Boltaron Sheath FB14P6 (USA), Swick6 Small SpyderEdge LC200N Black G-10 Boltaron Sheath FB14S6 (USA), Atlantic Salt LC200N PlainEdge Green FRN C89FPGR (Japan), Atlantic Salt LC200N SpyderEdge Green FRN C89FSGR (Japan), Delica4 Lightweight CPM-S30V Pink FRN C11FPPNS30V (Japan), Delica4 Lightweight CPM-S30V Black TiCN Blade Pink FRN C11FPPNS30VBK (Japan), Endela LightWeight K390 Blue FRN C243FPK390 (Japan), Endura4 Lightweight K390 Blue FRN C10FPK390 (Japan), Manbug VG-10 Wharncliffe Black FRN MBKWP (Japan), Manbug VG-10 Wharncliffe Black TiCN Blade Black FRN MBKWPBK (Japan), Pacific Salt2 LC200N PlainEdge Green FRN C91FPGR2 (Japan), Pacific Salt2 LC200N SpyderEdge Green FRN C91FSGR2 (Japan), Police4 Lightweight K390 Blue FRN C07FP4K390 (Japan), Chaparral CTS-XHP Birdseye Maple C152WDP (Taiwan), Pochi CPM-S45VN Titanium C256TIP (Taiwan), Sage1 Maxamet Gray G-10 C123GPGY (Taiwan), Grasshopper 12c27 Black Oxide Stainless Black Oxide C138BKP (China), Tenacious Lightweight CPM-S35VN PlainEdge Blue FRN C122PBL (China), Tenacious Lightweight CPM-S35VN CombinationEdge Blue FRN C122PSBL (China).

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