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Here is an in depth look at three of the top selling fishing kayaks in the $1200-$1300 range. All 3 have unique features and their own merits, but we want to hear which you would choose and why. Help make this a community conversation.

Here are some specs to compare.

JK Liska:
Length 12’1
Width 34
MSRP (US $) $1349
Total Capacity 400
Weight (Pounds) 84
Seat Height 7″ in high position

Feelfree Lure 11.5:
Length 11’6″
Width 34
MSRP (US $) $1259
Total Capacity 400
Weight (Pounds) 74
Seat Height 15″ in high position

Bonafide SS107:
Length 10’7″
Width 34.5
MSRP (US $) $1299
Total Capacity 425
Weight (Pounds) 82
Seat Height 10″ in high position


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