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What is the difference between a Premium and a Basic?
  • Premium: We have two types of premiums. Some of them are extremely stable, good for fishing or for the heavier set individual who may be worried about stability. Our other type of premium is lighter, faster, more comfortable, easier to maneuver,  and typically for a smaller kayaker. We have sit on top and sit inside premiums.
  • Basic: Our basic kayaks fill in the gap between the two types of premiums. All of our basic kayaks are very stable for the average paddler, even if it’s your first time paddling!
What’s the difference between a sit on top or a sit inside?

Depending on the kayak, a sit on top can be more stable, but not always. A sit inside gives you more control and maneuverability over the kayak. You will get less wet in a sit inside kayak. Sit on tops are easier to jump in/out of if you are wanting to swim. A common myth is that in a sit inside kayak, one might get “stuck,” since your legs go in the kayak. However, the opening of the kayak is very large and you will fall right out if you tip over. It’s safe and easy to use a sit inside. All of our sit insides are premiums, while we have sit on tops that are either premium or basic.

Can people launch their own kayaks off of the Boathouse dock?

Unfortunately due to COVID19 and high use of our dock for our own rentals, we no longer allow personal vessels to launch off our dock. There are plenty of other spots to launch around the lake!

How old does someone need to be to go on a kayak?

All ages welcome! Depending on ability, you may need to double up with a stronger person to paddle. Just need to have a waiver signed by an adult.

Can I walk up and rent without a reservation?
  • Unfortunately due to COVID19, we no longer do walk-ups. You can reserve online at www.HeadwatersKayak.com or you can call us at 209.471.5988.
Can I bring my dog?


Do I have to wear my life jacket the whole time?


Can we drink/smoke while renting?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. There is a hefty fine for doing this while on Headwaters time. DRINKING/SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON HEADWATERS’ EQUIPMENT.

Can I rent a paddle/PFD separate from a kayak?

Yes, $15. Keys/ID required.

Can I wear my own PFD?

Yes, please! We will need to make sure the PFD is Coast Guard approved and type III.

Do you need a fishing license to fish at Lodi Lake?

Yes, unless you’re under 16.

How far up does the river go?

River goes up to the Fish Hatchery in Clements (23 miles). Our rentals, however, are only allowed to 99 (4 miles up the river).

Can I transport my rental somewhere else?

No. All rentals must be launched from our dock at Lodi Lake.

Can we pull the boats out on the lake?

No, there is no where to pull the boats out that won’t damage our boats. Best spots to get out while renting are on the river.

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