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First look at the 360 Angler from Blue Sky. More photos from our fishing trip can be seen at @headwaterskayak IG Page.

Met up with William Pfingst from the Jackson Fishing Team, and he was the first one to take the new Blue Sky Angler 360 out for a demo. Although he was familiar with the drive system he was brand new to the boat. He and I both were skeptical of the functionality of the craft, but after a day of fishing its easy to see why they created this new platform. It’s insanely stable, easy to fish from, and very easy to control from the seated or standing position. This boat with a motor will open up a whole new style of solo fishing craft. Very impressed!

Website for more info:

Length: 13’4″
Width 48″
Weight: 140 lbs (w/o seat & drive), 170 lbs (with seat & drive)
CAPACITY: 500 lbs
CONSTRUCTION: Rotomolded Polyethylene, anodized marine grade aluminium.


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