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Enjoy this first look at two new 2020 kayaks from Native Watercraft and Hurricane Kayaks. Both geared towards entry-level paddlers looking to get the best bang for the buck.

Both these kayaks are shipping to dealers in early spring and will be available to demo at our Lodi Lake Boat House.

Hurricane Skimmer 106 Stats:
Price $949
Weight: 39 lbs
Length: 10’6”
Width 32”
Capacity: 315 lbs.

For more info on the Hurricane Skimmer check it out here:

Skimmer 106

Native Falcon 11 Stats:
Price $799
Length: 11′
Width: 32.5"
Weight: 50 lbs
Capacity: 325

For more info on the Native Falcon 11 Click here:

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