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Nice mahi mahi

Aloha, had a nice break in the winds and had some awesome adventures on our Stealths last week great family day on the duo to the secluded beach of kipu Kai, surfing the duo playing with dolphins snorkeling crystal clear water, also saw our first humpback of the season.

Stealth Duo on the beach
giant trevali

Next day out with uncle Bobby had some fun with some small mahi mahi until a very frisky tiger shark came up to me when’s right under the kayak swooped back around and nudged the boat. I high tailed it out of there paddled my ass off for a few minutes until right behind me guess who? Tony again! He quickly lost interest after I took the bait tube in, needless to say I counted my blessings and headed in. The next day uncle and I had some fun with some more small mahi and a nice giant trevally who swallowed the hook so he made some nice smoked strips for the holidays. Now wind is back so gotta get some domestics done so we can go get some action next weekend! Mahalo for the epic boats. Aloha Adam King Kauai HI 

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