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With Memorial day weekend coming up you all may want to fish a lake

with less boat traffic. Lake Pardee may be the place you are looking

for as they don’t allow water-skiers, wakeboarders or Jet ski… Just

fishing boats, but they will inspect your vessel before launch so make sure the

kayak is dry.

Map of Pardee
A nice example of a Pardee Bass

I have put two days on lake Pardee the over the last two weeks. Water

temp in the marina is 63 degrees in the morning and 65 degrees in the afternoon/evening. In the main body of the lake temps are around 58 degrees and upriver was 62 degrees.

Water clarity was 9 feet over the whole lake. The first trip on 5/14/2017 catch consisted of

all bass both largemouth and smallmouth. Bites came on a dropshot rig in 18′-24′ had 9

total bass with a bonus four trout, which also fell for the dropshot rig. This past Saturday,

5/20/2017, I was able to catch one trout, three largemouth, and 12

smallmouth, but six of those smallmouth were locked onto beds. Bed fish

were caught on dropshot rigs and small 4″  juvenile trout swimbaits. The non-bed

fish were in 12′-18′ of water and were caught mostly as my bait was falling so a darter head may

also work. Dropshot worm color used was Morning Dawn.

Look for hard rock bottom for bedding small mouth, long points with

deep water nearby or underwater island tops.  Good luck and be safe.
Some examples of the Morning Dawn color soft plastics that have been catching fish lately

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