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We inspire confident, competent paddlers, and get everyone ready for a summer of adventure!

AGES 8-13
$45 for first child, $25 for second child from same family
– Small lessons size of 5 particpants or less
– Short on land instruction
– 1 hour on water instruction
– Equipment rental for duration of the class
Mondays: Beginner SUP at 11:45AM
Tuesdays: Beginner Kayaking at 9:30AM, 11:15AM, 12:45PM
Thursdays: Intermediate Kayaking at 11:15AM, 12:45PM
We are stoked about getting kids on the water, so we’re inviting kiddos aged 8-13 to join us for the Headwaters Kids Kayak Camp! We’ll start with the basics and tailor each experience to your child’s ability. Whether they are completely new to kayaking or have been on the water multiple times we help kids get to the next level of confidence and improved paddling ability.
Beginner Kayaking: First timers, or those kids with limited kayaking experience, this is for you! Learn basic kayaking strokes, balance control, and fun drills and games!
Intermediate Kayaking: In this class we will introduce more advanced paddling strokes and water rescue techniques! Dress to swim 🙂
Each class has a maximum of 5 participants.
Kids Kayak Camp includes your child’s on-land paddling instruction, on-water 60 minute lesson, and all rental equipment.
Exceptions can be made for older or younger children by request, please call the Boathouse 209 471 5988 to discuss how we can get your kid out kayaking!


Do you have a private group you would like to get on the water? Inquire here!