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Made it down to Lake McClure to support the MKA Summer Splash event at Lake McClure. The Central Valley Kayak Fishing scene has been blowing up, and I’ve yet to make it one of their events. So when I heard they were doing a paddle only class, a woman’s class, and a 65+ class I knew it was something I wanted to be at. Steve really built this event to attract new faces and expose them to the community that this sport is known for. He did a bang up job at that. Simple and clean ran tournament, great after party with food and a casting competition, and then quick and easy awards ceremony and raffle. All the things that make for a great day!

Congrats to James Pratt on the Big Win. Thanks to Steve and his amazing team for putting it on and including us. As long as they work to grow this sport, we will be there to support them every step of the way!

Happy Paddlin!


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