NuCanoe Frontier 10


In the Frontier, you can do things a better way. Your way! Ideal for serious anglers and hunters… or anyone wanting maximum comfort, versatility, and stability on the water. Go beyond the ordinary. Go to the Frontier.

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The Frontier is the ultimate hybrid kayak, designed from the hull up for serious anglers and hunters. Whether you are fly fishing in salt water, bass fishing in a river, or hunting in the marshes, the Frontier 10 will maximize your experience.
The Frontier 10 is the most stable kayak . So don’t just stand, walk & fish with confidence on the 20″ wide Cast & Blast Deck. Face the action and easily access your gear with 360 degree mobility.
The Frontier 10’s versatile and customizable design puts you in control. Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare. Position seats where you want, and outfit the Frontier 10 just how you like with the 172″ of Freedom Track. Surprisingly easy to paddle and completely comfortable, the Frontier 10 knows no limits.


Frontier 10
(Rigid 360 Base Low)
Frontier 10
(360 Pinnacle Seat w/ Rigid 360 Base Low)


Angler Packages:

Essential Angler
add’l $285


  • Slide Mount
  • Slide Mount Elite Kit
  • NuCanoe BlackPak
  • LeverLoc Anchor Trolley
Pro Angler
add’l $450


  • Slide Drawer
  • Slide Drawer Elite Kit
  • VisiPole
  • NuCanoe BlackPak
  • LeverLoc Anchor Trolley
Stand Up Angler
add’l $320


  • Casting Bar
  • Tough Claw RotoGrip
  • LeverLoc Anchor Trolley
  • Zooka Tube

Custom-Height 360 Pinnacle Seat:

The Custom-Height 360 Pinnacle Seat sets a new standard for fishing kayaks. Modeled after high-end ergonomic seats, it provides ideal lumbar support for all day long comfort and features completely breathable cutting-edge stretch fabric.  360 Mobility allows you to always face the action and easily access gear.  Custom-Height feature enables seat height of 7.5”, 8.5”, and 9.5”.   It’s simplicity – and comfort – are unmatched.

Additional information


10'(Frontier 10') || 12'(Frontier 12')


35"(Frontier 10') || 41"(Frontier 12')


12-15"(Frontier 10') || 12-17"(Frontier 12')


3-5"(Frontier 10') || 3-5"(Frontier 12')

Hull Weight

62 lbs(Frontier 10') || 77 lbs(Frontier 12')

Seating Capacity

1-2 ppl(Frontier 10') || 1-3 ppl(Frontier 12')

Max Weight Capacity

500 lbs(Frontier 10') || 650 lbs(Frontier 12')

Self-Bailing Capacity

350 lbs(Frontier 10') || 400 lbs(Frontier 12')

Maximum Auxiliary Power

2.5HP(Frontier 10') || 2.5HP(Frontier 12')

360 Pinnacle Seats

1(Frontier 10'), 1(Frontier 12')


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