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A small framed person paddling a regular sized kayak often has difficulty keeping pace with their group or paddling partner. The cause: being in a kayak that is too big for their build, arms held high to clear the deck and combing, a loose fit that leads to lack of control and edging ability and generally just too much boat to push through the water.

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White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow-Green,  Viper Red, Neon Green, Mission Blue, International Orange

The Ice Kap is an extremely high performance kayak with a skeg. Built with Sterling’s strong-lite construction technique from quality materials, this creates a kayak that weighs from 32-42 lbs. depending on the lay-up chosen. The Ice Kap is stable, very easy to control with boat lean and paddle strokes and a perfect fit for a lean or small framed paddler.

Kayak built for the Smaller Paddler
Why we designed the “Ice Kap” standard model

Sterling calls the Ice Kap “The Equalizer”.

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36 TO 41 LBS


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