Sterling Progression


Expanding on our established and popular lineage, we wanted to build another kayak that will grow with the paddler’s skills.

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White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow-Green,  Viper Red, Neon Green, Mission Blue, International Orange

Whether they are aspiring rough water paddlers – enticed by greenland style rolling – or enjoy flat-water day trips or multi-day journeys, the Progression – a smaller version of its older sibling, the Reflection – fits into the ever-so-popular 16 feet by 22 inch kayak class, with precise measurements listed below. With design elements such as a swooping back-deck, whitewater-inspired mid-section, rounded style bow/stern, a soft V-shaped hull, radiused rails and the traditional Sterling-style stern, this kayak is very maneuverable, easy to control/roll, super fun to paddle, and is already receiving best-in-class accolades from those who have tested it.


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21" 3/4"


38 TO 49 LBS


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