Sterling Reflection


The Reflection is a playful multipurpose craft that will excel where control is the primary goal, be it in wind, currents, waves, chop, obstacles, explorations, instructional or teaching situations.

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White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow-Green,  Viper Red, Neon Green, Mission Blue, International Orange

The Reflection project started out as a custom personal design for the different kinds of kayaking that I do (Reg Lake). That would be a lot of poking around and photography, moving water like Deception Pass, surfing like Hobuck, Crescent beach, boat wakes, wind waves, also standing waves on the rivers or tide races like Skookumchuck. Big enough to haul the camping essentials. Yet compact enough for playing in the arches, tunnels and caves, etc.,light and strong are important to me: light for independence getting to the water and on portages, strong for dependability. And lastly I want a kayak that is easily controlled and has no surprises when running selected whitewater rivers. The thought throughout the process was that this kayak has to speak for itself, and it does. We think any paddler that gets an opportunity to test paddle the Reflection will agree.

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15’ 11 3/8”


23 1/8 ”


41 to 55 lbs.


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