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  • 4 star ratingFirst time kayaking with a friend who has her own kayak and was very helpful.
    Very easy to learn and the employees in the group were eager to help and share information.
    I found the pace a bit fast and wished I'd had more time to float and listen and view nature. When we reached the turn around point I was given some plant tips by a gentleman who kayaks with his cute dog (sorry I do not recall his name).
    As we made our way back I stopped to take pictures of a few bits of fall color. As the weather had been warm, there was very little of the vibrant colors I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the trip and everyone was so helpful. Especially the employee who I had to ask to get me out of the vest because my hands were jelly, just like my legs. Thanks for being so understanding with this newbie!
    Going forward, I will rent on my own so I can take my time, listen and look at nature and wildlife at my own pace.

  • 5 star ratingDan once again has great employees which shows he cares about kayaking and involving people who never have tried it before. The guided tour was great and Taylor did a great job.

  • 4 star ratingIt was a bit tough for me not having paddled in years. But, we made it and it was pretty! Bottled water at the halfway point was a must! And a snack!

  • 5 star ratingDefinantly doing this again next year!!!! All ten of us had a blast. Well just make sure that we do it when the weather is warmer next time instead of in
    I dont think that you could ever get tired of enjoying the moon shining on the riveras your cruzin thru.
    Absolutely loved it!!!


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