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One Cheap Kayak, Two Rods, and four good friends float the Mokelumne River in search of the biggest bass. Whoever catches the biggest bass wins a six pack of Sierra Nevada. We call this the Simple Fishing Challenge. No bells no whistles, no Torqeedos and 22″ Fish finders. Just good old kayak fishing the way is use to be. Come hang with us as we get back to our roots and fish one of my all time favorite sections of river, right here in Lodi Ca. We are joined today by an epic cast of anglers.

Bam Miller: Owner of Guru Rods and competitive boat angler. Although he typically uses a 200hp outboard to get around, Bam’s roots actually lie in the very kayak he uses in this video. A cheap Native Red Fish 10 (discontinued) that he purchased from me when he was 16 years old.

Greg Blanchard: Fellow Youtuber and kayak bass fishing extrodinare. He just got off a crazy run of top finishes at some of the nations biggest events. He placed #1 at the Hobie Bass Open Series at Lake Shasta in March, and the followed that up with a 3rd place finish at the Kayak Bass Fishing National Trail Event in LA. Although he’s seen national success with his kayak fishing, he actually got his start fishing out of a Lifetime Tandem on his home lake in NY.

Matt Guthrie: Local Legend, and bass fishing junkie. He literally works to fish, and he knows these waters better than all of us. He’s won several KBF Month Long tourneys fishing this very same section of river, so we know he’s got what it takes to dominate. He got his job working for Headwaters when he came in to buy a used kayak. His energy and passion was so infectious that I gave him a job on the spot, and he’s been with us here at Headwaters now going on 5 years.

Dan Arbuckle: Probably the least qualified person to be in this challenge. The only reason I got the invite was because it was my idea, and I had the vehicle to do the shuttle with. With that said, I know the river well, and have been guiding trips out here for almost 15 years. I don’t fish a ton, but when I do its on this section, so at least I have a home field advantage.

We hope you enjoy the video. We had a ton of fun making it. You will see more collabs like this happening in the future so be on the lookout. Also if you like this video go check out Greg’s perspective over on his channel.

Until next time this is Dan and the crew from Headwaters, wishing you Happy Paddlin!