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Here is my seven minute sales pitch for the Feelfree Aventura range, and honestly Rec Touring Kayaks in general. If you love your box store kayak, and you’re ready to take paddling to the next level, this kayak should be the next kayak you look at….

Here are 5 things to consider when shopping for your next kayak:

1. Speed is important! No we’re not racing, but think of your body as a tank of fuel. A Cheap rec kayak may get you 5 miles a tank, something with better hull speed will give you 8 miles per tank. (Also why a good paddle is a must!)

2. Deck-lines, Bungee, and swim toggles. If you’re in the water you don’t want to wrestle a wet bean, you want to be able to safely and easily grab ahold of your kayak. Deck lines make it easyer to grab a hold of your kayak and move around to you’re cockpit. It also makes it easy for a supporting paddler to stabilize you as you’re getting in the kayak. Bungees make it easy to store items on your deck like gloves, water bottle or bilge pump.

3. Skeg or a Rudder. These help you track and control your kayak when the wind, tide, current pick up. A rudder allows you to steer with your feet, and a skeg allows you to set the tracking, and control the kayaks weathercocking. This equals more time with your paddle in the water, moving your forward instead of keeping you straight.

4. Thigh braces: The more connected to your kayak you are the easier it is to control. Think about doing something that takes dexterity with your hands… Now do that same thing in ski gloves that are two sizes too big. A kayak that fits you and touches your feet, butt, back, hips, and thighs becomes an extension of you and is much easier to get to do what you. This is the biggest advancement you’ll notice when making the jump. You’re not just sitting in a boat paddling, you become the boat! PS. Lessons are also a huge plus during this phase.

5. Build quality: The kayak you have been using has probably served you well, but you may notice little things that aren’t up to speed. Maybe that hatch you thought was so cool on the shelf actually leaks pretty bad. Or perhaps you get that one foot rest that always wants to fall off. Anyone whos started with a basic kayak get this. Cheap kayaks are not built to last more than a few seasons of hard use. The build quality of this and other name brand kayaks is going to last longer, stay straighter, and generally hold up to what a dedicated paddler is going to put them through.

So that’s it, you guys. That’s my pitch, I hope you take the next step and fall deeper in love with our amazing sport. Our network of paddle sports partners and us will be here to support you in the journey. If you want help picking your next kayak, consider becoming a Headwaters Patreon page supporter. This helps us continue making free content like this, and also gives you exclusive access to photos, video clips, and messaging directly with me (Dan).

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