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I was long overdue for a little delta water therapy, so when the newest member of the Headwaters Kayak staff, Matt Guthrie, invited me out fishing I jumped at the oppurtunity. Our plan was to check out Paradise Point Marina, to scout for the upcoming Western Kayak Bass Series tournament.

Matt with his topwater bluegill.

 Matt and I arrived pre-dawn to hopefully catch a few fish on topwater. We launched our yaks and paddled out to the first spot. Instantly Matt had a fish on. I worked my way around to the opposite side of the point that Matt was fishing and flung out my crease fly, a low profile topwater popper. On my second cast, I got a swirl and fish on! A little 9-inch male. Nothing quite like catching fish on top.The next whoop came from Matt,who had hooked about a 9-inch bluegill on his Zara Spook! We took a couple photos and then back to business. As I fished my way down the tule island, I saw a decent bass jump. I got into position and cast out my fly. Strip, Strip, fish on! this time it was a nice 13+ inch female. Perfect contender for our upcoming tournament.

A nice 13.25 inch bass caught on top with a crease fly.

After that the topwater bite died off. We switched to subsurface, with me throwing a wooly bugger and Matt fishing a Senko. Right after I switched, I hooked up with a fat 14+ inch bass. What a blast on a fly rod!

My best fish of the day.

I finished the day with a 9.5 inch bluegill. Matt had to one up me on his last cast, with a piggish 18 incher.

A 9.25 inch bluegill. A personal best for me.

The trip was a great start to the season. Looking forward to this years Western Kayak Bass Series. For more info on the tournament series, give us a call at the shop at 209-224-8367.

Matt with his 18 inch pig.

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