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Thanks for watching! We had a great time taking an in depth look at Greg Blanchard’s totally tricked out Titan 10.5. We always joke about the why not buy a boat comments. To us this is 10x cooler than a boat, and if you don’t get it, thats ok you don’t have too. For those that do, enjoy because this build is the stuff of legends!

Happy Paddlin!

Build List:

Front hatch and storage net list:

1/4 inch thick starboard black custom cut one inch over factory lid

Nucanoe Pursuit front hatch hinges and front hatch locks.

1/2” aluminum rod custom bent to front opening shape

1/4” starboard custom mount brackets

Promar replacement net

Tackle trunk :

Case Cruzer box

Qty. 8 – single rod tubes

1/4” starboard custom cut top plate

Qty. 2 – 20” 80/20 tslot 1010 size mounting rails for rod tubes

Bioenno 20ah lithium battery

Dual USB charging socket

Single CLA plug

LED on/off toggle switch

Bluesea Systems 6 outlet fuse block

1”x1” carbon fiber square tube mounting brackets

ROMELS YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWDx0sfD3AnZU9AacvcE3Q

Instagram: @romellabrador

Gregs Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCot60x8vZCIBq7T3_SzRKCQ

Instgram: @gregblanchard17


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