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At the last KBF Trail event I stopped and talked to local kayak angler John Skaggs about his tricked out SeaGhost 130. John bought this kayak from us over a year ago and has been fishing off it every weekend. It’s cool to see how he’s set it up for how he like to kayak fish. Want more specifics leave them in the comments below.

Vibe Seaghost 130 are available for sale at our shop $899 with paddle and rudder included. Making them one of the best entry level kayaks on the market. We always keep a wide range of colors in stock.

The little brother to the 130 is the Seaghost 110. It’s ideal for a little smaller paddler, or someone who wants more maneuverability in smaller waters. If your on the fence come demo boat and see which suits your needs the best.

More info can be found on our Vibe Webpage here:

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