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Went out for what I was expecting to be a simple paddle around the Cosumnes River Preserve, ended up being a sketchy paddle through some flooded, heavy wooded sloughs. Although I made it out find, a couple other kayaks didn’t get so lucky! Looks like they flipped, lost their gear and hopefully swam to the shore and ditched the boats. I was not able to pull them on bail the water out because the kayaks did not have bulkheads or floatation. I hope this serves as a public service announcement to do your research before heading out, tell someone where your headed and always always wear your PFD.

It ended up being a beautiful paddle on Middle Slough and Lost Slough. A great area to explore, but you just need to check flows at Cosumnes before making the trek. If you have any questions about river flows, give us a call or check in at the CRP Visitor Center.


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